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Luka Streetwear

Luka Streetwear


Self initiated visual branding Illustrator & photoshop

Luka Streetwear is a self initiated brand that streetwear brand. I used my nickname as an inspiration to the brand name, in which it defines light. Since it is a streetwear brand therefore it is intended for a younger audience that like to stay to stay up to date with fashion. The colors I used were natural colors, such as the buff color in the background of the tag and bag suggesting that the material is environmentally friendly. I also used orange because it’s a bold color and defines the creativity, success, change, fun, sexuality and freedom that the style of the brand has.

Moreover, I sketched out the letters, scanned it and using the pen and curvature pen. Using this method creates a unique branding identity for Luka Streetwear. Using a serif cursive font adds a feeling of adventure and youthfulness to the viewer. Thus, I added the word in sans-serif because it gives a sense of modernity at the same time it allows the viewers to automatically know the style of the brand.

Sweatshirt Mock Up.png

Luka Streetwear Summer magazine coming soon.