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Ella Fitz

Ella Fitzgerald Event Poster


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Poster Mockup.png

For this design, we were assigned in Design & Image, we took a closer look at the challenges of creating visuals and developing typographic hierarchy for attention grabbing posters. Therefore, I designed a poster to advertise a fictional lecture Series on Jazz legends for Ella Fitzgerald. During my research I discovered that Ella Fitzgerald was also one of the most prestigious jazz singer of the 1950s. In order to demonstrate through my poster i used only classy colors (i.e. white, black, gold, and blue). Thus, I used an illustration of Ella Fitzgerald’s hair since she was most recognized for her iconic elegant hair do. I also used gold as the background which defines the elegance of the era and also the artist. Moreover, I used black, white and blue for the audience to also recognize that it is a night event. In order to show the hierarchy of my composition, there is the presence of overwhelming the eyes that is easy to perceive through the contrast of the light background that frames the design and the use of fun typography. It is similarly easy to perceive the Cut and Paste method in which it is found in the illustration of Ella’s Fitzgerald hair. There’s also the presence of a system for the reason that all the typography are on top of the poster and all the images are at the bottom (i.e. logos of the sponsors and Ella’s hair illustration). Furthermore, I used size that is present in the type to underline the important information and also attract my audience. Additionally, the simplicity of the poster also allows the audience to read the information clearly but also classifies the information from the most important information to the least.